STAY At Home
KEEP a safe distance.
WASH hands often.
COVER your cough.
SICK? call ahead.

Everyone should wear 'Masks' in public, CDC now recommends.

STAY HOME SAVE LIVES Help to stop corona-virus.

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You cannot control the Virus, But you can Protect yourself

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How To Flatten The Curve Of Virus Outbreak Exponentially

Only a small number of the modellers of an epidemics work for the federal Govt. They are highly motivated to put their skills to use for the public good. They got to work is almost as soon as possible. Research teams have been rapidly churning out insights. Studies like these can help public health officials decide where to concentrate time.
Cover Nose & MouthWhen Sneezing
Avoid handshake &keep washing
Sustainable Development Goals. A Policy maker & public health specialists, and data scientists need to put their hands together to make public health.

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